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About Department

The most important division of blooming and ever-expanding IET, Alwar is a unique blend of pure and technical science focusing on an all-round development of students. Globalization is creating a rapidly increasing demand for engineers who have the ability to deal effectively with professionals from different regions of the world. The department caters to the over-all development of soft, as well as technical skills of the students at their entry level itself.

The main objectives of the department are :

  • To develop quest for knowledge.
  • To develop systematic understanding for basic sciences.
  • To develop good communication skills and right attitude.
  • To develop the habit of working together with consistent hard work.
  • To stimulate an appreciation of the critical thinking skills.
  • To develop scientific methodology.
  • To engender practical skills necessary for the effective and safe laboratory investigations.
  • To produce a base for aspirant engineers having a novel theoretical and experimental insight to solve problems.


The Language Lab and Employable Student Initiative (ESI) :

An initiative by Career Development Cell of the institute to boost the employability quotient among students, have come together to enable students to carry out their communication purposes. A competency in English facilitates students to analyze and summarize material to communicate, to work to a dead line, to argue a case, to work independently as well as collaboratively and to think logically. This makes them good candidates for a wide range of careers including technical, personnel, administration, management, marketing, computing science, finance and the media.

Engineering Chemistry Lab :

Lab develops the interest of the students in the study of chemistry and scientific aptitude for life in a changing world and to develop an understanding of the fact and pattern in the empirical world. It offers high quality education in the field of chemistry and to prepare students abreast of latest global industrial and research requirements and fulfill responsibility towards community and established themselves as practicing professionals through increased responsibilities beyond their original entry-level position. This lab also boasts of a research centre namely Computation and Green Chemistry Research Laboratory, which is a fast developing field of Chemistry.

Engineering Physics Lab :

Aims to give idea about the principle and application of physical systems which is the basic need of our day to day life. By this subject, students get the knowledge of the working of various optical, electrical, nuclear instruments. Using applied physics, student is able to design model, analyze and improve a manufacturing process or system utilizing modern technology. Student can understand professional and ethical responsibilities and the impact of engineering towards societal and global contexts.

Mechanical Workshop :

Enables students to be skillful in hand job work in areas of welding, carpentry, fitting, etc. It gives them a fine hand in carving out jobs and also gives an insight into the use and maintenance of common and complicated tools.

Engineering Drawing Lab :

Develop among student a flair to draw and analyze objects and machines in 2-D and 3-D. It is specifically useful for designing purposes which happens to be an integral part of Engineering.

Computer Programming and IT Lab :

It help the students to learn about the fundamentals of computer and programming. The programming develops logical and analytical thinking. It is designed to provide the full concept of C programming Language and basics OS commands. It help the students to learn about the program related function.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Workshop :

Gives an overview of electrical and electronics basics which enables students to develop the practical aspects of the most common demand of today’s life, i.e., electricity and one of the fastest growing field of engineering, i.e., electronics.

Smart Classes :

Sciences, now-a-days, tend to become more quantitative with time as they become more highly developed. The department of Mathematics gives the knowledge to the students about applied mathematics so they can use it efficiently to solve problems of engineering through SMART DIGITAL CLASSES.

Department Society

With the academics, there is also a stress on development of various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the students through central society “SANKALP” which is managed by faculty members of the department. Apart from these activities, “SANKALP” also tries inculcate knowledge about Indian civilization and Indian culture, which gives them a gateway to know their country better in turn, makes them a complete human being Together with catering to the University curricula, the department also strives for an overall evolution of students as a better individual. For this purpose, it has organized several co-curricular activities:

Major Events Organized by the Department

  • Super 60 is extremely ambitious and innovative program for the students B.Tech. I year, in progress from January 2014. In this program we have inculcate the students under the direct supervision of senior faculty members and experts, to build up their overall personality and make than atop class technocrats to lead the responsibility of the society.
  • IET Mathematics Olympiad is a calendar event for past two years.
  • A Faculty Development Programme on “ Role of Simulation and Optimization in Engineering” by Prof.(Dr.) C.B. Gupta , BITS Pilani (Raj) on March-2017.
  • A Faculty Development Programme on "Green Corrosim Intibitors: A Green Approach" was organized Sep-2016.
  • A Faculty Development Programme on "Optimization Techniques and its Applications: To real world problems" was organized Sep-2016.
  • A National level Radio Mathematics Project "Ab Ganit Hua Assan" catslysed and supported by National Council for Science & Technology Communication, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India for target audience (class 8th to 12th) from (01-11-2014 to 31-10-2015) has been completed successfully in with the letter of appreciation.
  • A Faculty Development Programme on “Nanotechnology: Applications, identifying opportunity and Strategies” on 19-21 March-2015.
  • An Expert Talk on “Thin Film: An overview” by Dr. Manoj Kumar, Bilkent University Turkey on March-2015.
  • A Faculty Development Programme on “Applications of MATLAB in Engineering Mathematics” on 7-8 November-2014.
  • An Expert Talk on “Programming Skills required for IT Industry” by Er. Roshan Kumar, Technical Head IBM India Ltd.” on April-2014.
  • A Faculty Development Program on “Simulation of Mathematical Applications in Recent Technology (SMART-2014)” March 19th, 2014 to April 1st, 2014.
  • An Expert Talk on “Difference among classical, Relativistic and Quantum Mechanics” by Dr. R.K.Tewari on April-2014.
  • An Expert Talk on “Characteristic features of professional Communication” by Dr. Simmi Gurwara on March-2014.
  • A International conference on “Technological Innovations through Modern Engineering Sciences (Times–2013)” was organized in February 23-24, 2013.
  • A National conference on “Nanotechnology” was organized in September, 2010.
  • An International workshop on “Rain Water Harvesting” was organized in May, 2010.
  • A National conference on “Emerging Dimensions of Mathematical Sciences (EDMS-2010)” was organized in May, 2010.
  • Additionally, Computer training is provided to weak students to keep them abreast of latest development in languages.
  • Various Expert talks/Guest lecturers/Motivational talks and soft skill workshops from eminent Professors from IITs, NITs, MNITs and Govt. Colleges are regularly imparted to students to develop their inter-personal skills.
  • Regular career counseling workshops are organized for taking care of emotional quotient of the students.
  • In another breakthrough, the department has recently started teaching-learning with Smart classes.
  • There is yet another proposal for starting another calendar event of Science Olympiad.
  • To achieve this kaleidoscope of events, the department comprises of well-qualified and experienced faculty members, under the guidance of Head of the department and senior faculty members. The faculty, together with the management, works together for developing, promoting and announcing the progress of Engineering students, institute and society as a whole.
  • A National level Radio Mathematics Project "Ab Ganit Hua Assan" catslysed and supported by National Council for Science & Technology Communication, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India has been approved for renewal, for target audience (women laborers) going to be begin shortly
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