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About Department

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The college started offering B.E degree in Electrical Engineering Department ever since the inception of the college in the year 1998. New Post Graduate course was introduced subsequently in the year 2006 and the existing ones were restructured to reflect the changing needs of the industry and now bodes state of the art facilities. The Department of Electrical Engineering has adequate number faculty members. Around 75 % faculty members have done their M.Tech from institute of repute from all over the country. The department attracts some of the brightest students from all over India. The department is headed by energetic and dynamic Er Harpreet Singh (B.E, M.Tech) since the last six years. He takes valuable guidance and direction from Prof Manab Sen Gupta (Prof I/C of EE Deptt) for affirmative action’s at his end.


To become a Center of Excellence comparable to the best in the region for producing professionals who shall be leaders in technology innovation, entrepreneurship and management.


  • To provide quality education and harness new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge research and by offering state-of-the-art undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, leading to successful careers as Core Electrical Engineers in the wide domain areas like private sector, public sector and academia at large.
  • To promote a teaching and learning process that yields advancements in core areas of Electrical Engineering, resulting in integration of research results and innovations into other scientific disciplines leading to new technologies and innovative products.
  • To harness human capital for sustainable competitive edge and social relevance by inculcating the philosophy of continuous learning and innovation in Electrical Engineering.

Our Major Strengths

The department of Electrical Engineering ever since its inception has always been run with the philosophy of leading from the front. Its faculty and students has indeed won many awards and holds feats of great value. Some of the achievements of the department are:

  • The R&D team lead by Prof Manab Sen Gupta has been successful in filing on one India Patent. The team is actively working on few more. This team has been successful in implementing and undertaking various consultancy work from companies such as Melcon Transformers, Solarman Engineering Projects Pvt Ltd, MAX Automation to name a few.
  • Till now the department has organized two International Conferences: RASIET 2007 and ICWTA 2011.
  • It has also organized two - Two Day National Seminar under the aegis Electrical Engineering Division Board, IE(I) Kolkata in the year 2010 and 2014.
  • The department has organized special trainings in association with national level bodies like NIESBUD, NIELET, Ministry of Minority Affairs supported MOM course and NSDC supported skill development course.
  • The department has been awarded one MODROBS from AICTE.
  • The department boost of highly advanced lab – Renewable Energy Lab and Transmission Line Simulation Lab. Also it has procured advanced software simulation tools – MATLAB and Pscad.


The department has a complement of seven course and laboratories one advance (beyond syllabus) lab in the form of Renewable Energy Lab. These labs cater to the entire gamut of experimental work for the BE degree course. Several special experimental set-ups are created from time to time which serve to create interest in students. This is in addition to the RTU defined syllabus. Qualified faculty continuously supervises the lab work along with dedicated lab staff. The students are expected to study beyond syllabus experiments. The labs are as follows :

Power System Lab :

This is also one of the building blocks for electrical engineers. In this lab the Transmission & Distribution faults are studied and simulated using 3-phase and 1-phase advanced fault simulators. This lab deals also have a Industrial oriented Relay Testing Unit. with different types of relays and their operation Such as Over Current Relay IDMT Relay Earth Fault Relay Transformer Differential protection Relay. These relays are used in protection purposes in the industries and in power plants to protect the System if any Faulty Condition occurs. Recently the department has procured a Transmission Line Simulator for giving important insight about the types of transmission line: short, medium and long.

IET Electrical Department Image
IET Electrical Department Image
Power Electronics and Control Lab :

Power electronics is now days the most emerging field and where a lot of research is taking place. It basically deals with all the converters whish are required to handle power at various level of voltages. The lab has a rich addition of cycloconverter, choppers, Bridge converters, inverters, basic characteristics for IGBT, MOSFET, SCR, TRIAC etc. Also it has major types of firing circuits used in the industry. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope is the main apparatus, which is always required to check the output of any power electronics device. The complexity of the device increases tremendously if we go from single phase to three phase devices. Also SMPS, we all know is very important part of present day computers also is a power electronics device used extensively in the lab as Boost/Buck converters. An advance converter in the form of Dual converter has been introduced in the lab.

Electrical Machines Lab :

This lab contains the full range of AC and DC machines, with all necessary metering devices. The lab caters to conventional experiments that form the core of the EE course. This is the most important lab, which any under graduate EE student should be comfortable with. Study of only Electrical Equipment is not sufficient that’s why electrical machine lab study is very essential in electrical field, Because in this lab we understand the characteristic of different type of machine and about their performance in application field such as in textile mill, paper mill & steel industry etc. Also the department R&D team came out with an innovation: - Bi- Rotor Super Synchronous 3-Phase Slip Ring Induction Motor with Differential action.

IET Electrical Department Image
IET Electrical Department Image
Measurement Lab :

This lab basically deals with the measurement aspect of all the circuits and is very much important for any electrical engineer to be fully conversant with the measuring techniques and equipments like meggar, CRO, tong tester, potentiometer, various bridges, function generator, calibration of wattmeter, ammeter and voltmeter, Phantom loading for Single phase energy meter.

Electrical Devices & Control Lab :

In the modern day industry automation is playing a big role with the increase use of PLC’s, SCADA Systems and Efficient drive systems. This lab caters to the fundamental type of AC as well as DC drives, their control using converters like phase controlled, chopper driven and PWM based. Also it has some advanced converters like Dual-Converter, Universal Motor Drivers etc.

IET Electrical Department Image
IET Electrical Department Image
Electrical and Electronics Lab :

This lab is common and basic to Ist Semesters of all branches of engineering in their first year. It mainly deals with basic electrical equipments like single-phase transformer, dc machine, ac machines, house wiring, different types of cables, energy meter, wattmeter and basic electronic devices like BJT, SCR, filters, and amplifiers among others. Also this lab is house to training being provided to minority students under the aegis of govt. organization like NIESBUD, RKLDC etc. by experts in the field of AC/DC winding, house wiring amongst others.

Renewable Energy Lab :

The department has taken a ambitious step and has set up a advanced Renewable Energy lab keeping in mind the growth and the need of the present power engineers to meet the ever growing energy requirement of a rapidly developing country like India. It has basic running demo model of Wind Turbine, Hydro Turbine, Solar PV Module, Hybrid System based on Wind and Solar, Advanced Solar Tracking system. Keeping in mind application of Fuel cell in future automotives the lab also have a fuel cell model.

IET Electrical Department Image
IET Electrical Department Image
Simulation Lab :

The present day research now a day employs the researcher to first go for simulation based results, and then only the hardware is created. This lab has most modern day simulation suites like MATLAB, PSPICE and student version of Power World to enable the researcher to carry out simulation on the emerging field of Power Systems, Power Electronics and Control Systems. The PG scholars use this lab to come out with research papers.

Course Details

Structure and Duration : Following program is run by the IET Group of Institutions and is available for the student of India & Abroad.

  • B.Tech. (Morning) - 4 Years
  • B.Tech. (Lateral Entry) - 3 Years
  • M.Tech(Power System) - 2 Years

Graduation & Degree : Students who have successfully completed all examinations of their selected course will be awarded by the Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.

  • Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Electrical Engineering
  • Master of Technology (M. Tech.) in Power System

Entry Requirement :

  • B.Tech. (Morning) : The minimum qualification is 10+2 (Class XII) with 45%(General Category) and 40% for (SC,ST Category) and with the subject group Physics & Mathematics as Compulsory subjects and Chemistry, Biotechnology, Computer Sc. and Biology as optional subject (anyone of the optional subjects) of any recognized Board or any other equivalent recognized examination.
  • B.Tech. (Lateral Entry) : The minimum qualification is Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnic) and 10% seats are reserved to take admission in third semester directly.
  • M.Tech. : Minimum qualification is B. Tech or Equivalent degree or M. Sc from any recognized university or Institution.

Department Society

The Department has a Student’s Society "APOGEE (A Progressive Organization of Growing Electrical Engineers)". Every branch student is a member of this society. The society plays multi-faceted roles to enhance overall development of the student. It holds many curricular and extra-curricular events regularly. It gives the student a platform to enhance their much needed skills, which are very much required in the current scenario of globalization. The society has been successful in organizing multi-faceted events ranging from poster making competition, aptitude test, Special Expert Lecture from Industrial Personal, Annual Function etc.
Some of the events organized by the society in the current academic year are given below :

  • Poster Making Competition
  • Aptitude Test Competition
  • Special One Day Seminar on Autocad
  • Special One Day Seminar on PLC & Scada
  • Special Expert Lecture By Sh R.L. Agarwal, Ex Chairman IE(I), Alwar Local Centre
  • Special Expert Lecture by Er. G. P. Agarwal, AGM, Ashok Leyland, MIA, Alwar
  • Special PDP Seminar By Mr. Mayank Sharma, AGM, HR, Havell’s India Ltd, MIA, Alwar

IE (I) STUDENTS' CHAPTER (INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS, INDIA, KOLKATA) : The department won a great laurel when it was able to start a Institutions Of Engineers Students’ chapter in the year 2012 with 98 students. IE(I) through this chapter aims at supporting the students to explore their professional and intellectual abilities, to develop their skills, increasing their competence, adopting the right attitude to maximize their potential and building a professional network that will help them to succeed in their professional endeavors. Activities Guest Lecture, Technical Quiz, Caption Contest, Model Making Contest, Seminar Presentations, Industrial Visits etc. Advisor – Er. Harpreet Singh. Some of the events organized by the chapter in the current academic year are as follows:

  • Industrial Visit to Havell’s India Ltd, Alwar
  • Industrial Visit to Parle Biscuits Pvt Ltd, Neemrana, Alwar
  • Industrial Visit to Nangalwala Impex Pvt Ltd
  • Industrial Visit to Kotsons Transformer Pvt Ltd, MIA, Alwar
  • Industrial Visit to Ashok Leyland, MIA, Alwar
  • Industrial Visit to 220 KV GSS Alwar and MIA Alwar
  • Guest Lecture by Prof. Vinod Kr Yadav, CTAE, Udaipur
  • Guest Lecture by Prof. Nitin Gupta, MNIT Jaipur
  • Engineers Day Celebration
IET Electrical Department Image
IET Electrical Department Image

Students Activities

S. No. Date of Event Type of Event Title Resource Person Co-ordinated by Target Audience No. of Participants
1. 21st April 2018 An International Seminar "Current Advancements and Challenges in E-Vehicle" Er. G.P. Agarwal, Ms. Olga Chepelianskaia & Professor Manab Kumar Sen Gupta Er. Harpreet Singh & Er. Pankaj Khandelwal Faculty members of EE, ME, CS, AS, EC departments 50 Faculty members & 20 Students
2. 17/3/2017 to 18/3/2017 2 Days Workshop "Industrial Automation-PLC/SCADA" Er. Bhawani Pratap Singh & Er. Dolly Sharma Er. Harpreet Singh & Er. Pankaj Khandelwal Faculty members of EE, ME, CS, IT, EC departments 25 Faculty members
3. 10th August, 2015 One Day FDP "ROLE OF POWER ELECTRONICS IN PRESENT SCENARIO OF AUTOMATION AND INDUSTRIALIZATION" Er. Harpreet Singh (Hod Depart of EE ietAlwar) Er. Harpreet Singh, Er. Sanjay Sharma Faculties of EE, EC,ME,CS& IT Departments 15
4. 11th August, 2015 One Day FDP "Introduction to Microwave test bench" Er. Suraj Sharma, Associate Professor, Dept. Of EC, I.E.T. Alwar Er. Harpreet Singh, Er. Vikram Singh Rajpurohit Faculties of EE, EC, ME, CS & IT Departments 15
5. 13th August, 2015 One Day FDP "ROTATING MACHINE" Er. R.K SAXENA, Associate Professor EI&C DEPT., I.E.T. Alwar Er. Harpreet Singh, Er. Manish Faculties of EE, EC, ME, CS & IT Departments 18
6. 01-05 February 2016 Five Days Faculty Development Program "Green Energy and Technologies(GET-16)" FACULTY GOING OUT(Vikesh Yadav have attended 5 Days National Workshop at Government Engineering college, Ajmer) Er. Harpreet Singh, Er. Vikesh Yadav Faculties From different Colleges 60
7. 14/3/2016 to 18/3/2016 Five Days FDP "Role of Industrial Automation In Present Scenario" Er. Bhawani Pratap Singh & Er. Dolly Sharma, Operational Manager & Business Development Manager Er.Harpreet Singh, Er.Pankaj Khandelwal Faculties of EE, ME, CS & EC Departments 25
8. 25/4/16 to 28/4/16 Four Days FDP "New Trends in Sustainable Energy" Prof.(Dr.) Rajeev Kumar Chaturvedi & Er. S.N. Joshi, Prof. Incharge Deptt. Of EE I.E.T. College, Alwar & Assistant Professor Govt. Women Engineering College Ajmer (Raj.) Er. Harpreet Singh, Er.Pankaj Khandelwal Faculties of EE, ME, CS, EC & AS Departments 36
9. 25/5/16 to 27/5/16 Three Days Workshop "HVAC & HVDC Transmission Line Simulators" Er. Pankaj Khandelwal & Er. Sahi Ram Mukkar Assistant Professors, Dept. Of EE I.E.T. Alwar Er. Harpreet Singh, Er. Pankaj Khandelwal 25
10. 1/8/2016 to 6/8/2016 Short Term Course "Skilling India" FACULTY GOING OUT(Er. Manish Bhalla have attended Short Term Course at NITTTR, Chandigarh) Er. Harpreet Singh, Er. Manish Bhalla Faculties From different Colleges 100
11. 22/8/2016 to 24/8/2016 Three Days FDP "MATLAB –Fundamentals & its Application in Electrical Engineering" Er. Kuldeep Singhal & Er. Md.Samim Assistant Professors, Dept. Of EE I.E.T. Alwar Er. Harpreet Singh, Er. Pankaj Khandelwal Faculties of EE, ME, EC & AS Departments 25
12. 24/9/16 One Day FDP "Solar Panel Erection & Design" Prof.(Dr.) Rajeev Kumar Chaturvedi, Director SRCEM Gwalior Er. Harpreet Singh, Er. Pankaj Khandelwal Faculties of EE, ME, EC & AS Departments 25
13. 4/10/2016 One Day FDP "Art of Good Presentation" Dr. Vivek Shrivastava, Asso. Professor, UCE, RTU KOTA Er. Harpreet Singh, Er. Pankaj Khandelwal Faculties of EE, ME, EC & AS Departments 20
14. 31/01/2017 One Day FDP "Soft Computing & It's Applications in Engineering" Dr. D.K. Palwalia, Professor & Head, UCE, RTU KOTA Er. Harpreet Singh, Er. Pankaj Khandelwal Faculties of EE, EC, CSE, ME & AS Departments 25

Innovative Projects

Best project development by the students with one or two photograph :


Claw pole alternator is made to supply electricity at variable frequency. This is one of the best approach to obtain variable frequency.

It consists of a 5 HP induction motor which is treated as Prime Mover. Another a claw alternator is used. Claw pole basically means that the rotor which is used in the alternator is claw pole structured.

Now the prime mover is mechanically coupled with the alternator with the help of pulleys. The pulley used in the prime mover is of 12 inches and that of pulley used in the alternator is of 3 inches. Thus the ratio between the prime mover and alternatorpulley is 1:4. This means that if the prime mover is moving once then the alternator is moving 4 times.

Thus from here we conclude that if alternator is moving at 1400 rpm and after mechanically coupling it moving with1400*4=5600 rpm .Thus the alternator is moving at higher than its synchronous speed and behaves as alternator.

IET Electrical Department Image
IET Electrical Department Image

An induction or asynchronous motor is an AC electric motor in which theelectric current in the rotor needed to produce torque is obtained byelectromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding. An induction motor therefore does not require mechanical commutation, separate-excitation or self-excitation for all or part of the energy transferred from stator to rotor, as in universal, DC and large synchronous motors. An induction motor's rotor can be either wound type or squirrel-cage type.

Famous Alumni

Rajnikant Sharma
Class of 2002

working as Assistant Professor at Utah State University Past: US Air Force Academy (Official) and UTSA - The University of Texas at San Antonio.
“Excitement, trepidation, friendship and preparation…four words characterizing four years at IET, Alwar.”

IET Electrical Department Image
IET Electrical Department Image
Ashish Jaithliya
Class of 2005

Working as Asst. Manager at Larsen and Toubro Integrated Engg Services.
“I still recall Dr. V.K. Agarwal opening comments to us. He spoke of his and the faculty’s commitment to graduate our entire class. Er. Harpreet Singh was the most famous deptt. faculty full of competence, compassion, kindness, patience and humor were his legacy to all of us. We were blessed to have so many wonderful teachers and role models.”

Nidhi Gupta
Class of 2005

Works at Zynga Inc., San Fransisco, USA
I've said all along it's a humbling experience being at IET. Extremely proud, extremely blessed to be at an institution with all this tradition. Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

IET Electrical Department Image
IET Electrical Department Image
Tarun Thadani
Class of 2006

Wipro Technologies, Chicago, USA
You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.
And I was lucky to have chosen IET Alwar, which provided me with this ticket to change my life and the world.

Nar Bahadur Khatiwora
Class of 2003

working as Programme Implementation analyst at UNDP- (United Nation Development Programe) - Bhutan
"With lots of burning expectation to shine and perform the best in the technical education field, I arrived at IET Alwar Campus from Bhutan. The thirst to grow bigger started fading initially when seeing most of the students in confusion. However, with time, studying and practicing Engineering with the IET community and enshrined professionals, my dreams to shine started growing. The quality of professors, instructors and the faculty of Electrical Engineering team were truly impressive. Not to mention on the wealth of experiences that I achieved in handling tough situations without a single doubt I can proudly express that the level of education at IET is marvelous. In addition, the variety of labs and number of interesting extracurricular experiences held in college were invaluable. In the end, the dark clouds that surrounded me initially faded away and I am now very proud of being an IET graduate...

IET Electrical Department Image
IET Electrical Department Image
Sumit Sharma
Class of 2003

Senior Product Specialist- Technology, Cognizant Technology US CROP – Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
“On arriving at the Institute of Engineering and Technology , most students are not sure what to expect. After completing B.E. in the Electrical Engineering , I can truly say that the quality of the instructors and level of academic education was impressive. All the engineering labs and the instructor made the engineering experience invaluable.
I.E.T. Alwar has produced the best engineers working in many big companies in the world.
Congratulations for all the achievements IET.
Thank you !

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