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Smart India Hackathon 2020 (Software Edition)

The Smart India Hackathon 2020 was organized by the Government of India between August 1 and August 3. In which problems have been provided by various government departments. The problem given by the CBSE this year was "How to stop the copy during the examination?". Under the able guidance of HOD CSE Dr. Rohit Kumar Singhal, SIH 2020 Coordinator Professor Anil Rao and Mentor Professor Kapil Sharma, Students Team Leader Samia Khan and team members Chhatrapal Prajapat, Aman Preet Singh, Ghazal Sharma, Arpit Sharma, Bhupendra Saini provided the solution. In which they got the first place and brightened the name of the IET Alwar and parents. One Lakh rupees will be provided to them as incentive money.

Project Detail: Object, Human and Motion Detection, Face Recognition, Noise Analysis, Student Identification Algorithm on CCTV footage is applied in real time for impressionization, fraud cheating, voice cheating, student movement cheating etc., then via mobile app the notification is sent to the examiner. This software has been created to send alerts when a copy is made and to save photos and video clips during the time of copying. For proof, photos or video clips of the time of the copy are saved on the server and shared with the invigilator. All cheat entries are saved in the database. This system can be used in offline or online examination mode with less requirements and more accuracy.

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